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       Used to be in love with Better Than Ezra. It may not be apparent during my “Boy Band” years (an unfortunate, fanatic stage that I went through as a teenager), but the love affair started years before that — around the year 1993 — and fizzled down as the 90s drew to a close. Even then, the songs and the words remained close. Always a couple of flashbacks away.

       Fast forward year 2006, September 14, 3 am. Midnight hyperactivity strikes again. Started rummaging through my old stuff in the hopes that it would exhaust me to sleepiness. I was deep in my reminisces when I stumbled over an item that trigged the songs “At The Stars” and “Live Again” in my head (yup, I do personal soundtracks. How very Ally McBeal…haha…). A couple of keyboard clicks later I found myself in the BTE website, drowning once more.

       I’m an Ezralite revived.


This entry is long overdue. But for the sake of future victims, I feel that I have a responsibility to at least give them a heads-up. So here it goes…

In the course of my addiction to reading, I thought I have built up enough tolerance for crap. I was wrong. So wrong.

I saw a volume in the very limited “English books” section of the shop near my apartment. It was the inspiration of a hugely popular TV series so I naturally thought the written version might be better than the visual rendition (as is the case in most movies based on literature). I was wrong. So wrong.

It was boring. Superficial. Lackluster. Horribly bland. For the life of me, I don’t know what made it so popular in the first place! (At least that’s my opinion — maybe I just can’t relate to it… Hah!).

Kudos to Sarah Jessica Parker et. al. — you guys were really good! Watching you fooled me into thinking that if the series were that interesting, the book might be even more. Give me the remote control and let me just watch the TV reruns. I never thought the day would come when I would hear myself say that — but there it is.

If you’re pinched on money but is just itching for something to read, let me give you a piece of advice — put the book back in the shelf and run as fast as you can away from it. Believe me, it’s not worth it.

For the more adventurous types with money to spare — fine. Read it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

To those who have read it and loved it — to each his own.

To those who have read it and hated it — my sympathies. Suffering is a part of life.